Please refer to my page about Covid-19 to consider how the funeral you are planning could be affected.

When someone dies there are many decisions that need to be taken quickly at a time when it is normal to feel in emotional turmoil and shock. 

Some funerals can seem to have little to do with the actual life that was lived. My aim as a professionally trained funeral celebrant is to help you arrange a funeral which honours the unique life of your loved one in a way that is special and exactly right for you. Such a ceremony can bring enormous comfort to family and friends and can be an important stage on the long path of bereavement.


Traditionally funerals have been faith based, but now alternatives are available. You can choose a non-religious ceremony or one with a prayer, hymn or religious reading.

I am trained to support you with empathy and sensitivity as you make choices for the funeral ceremony. We will meet to talk about your loved one - the life story, the hobbies, the special memories. We will consider favourite music and poems and whether you would like some spiritual elements or none. I will then write your unique ceremony based on our conversation and will send it to you so you can check that I have included everything you want.


You can choose whether on the day, I deliver all your ceremony or merely introduce the contributions of others. Afterwards I will give you a copy of what was said. 

A ceremony that brings comfort