What families have said


Thanks for sending me your beautifully scripted and delightfully read out 'memories of H'. It was a lovely creation. I don’t often go to funeral services but I was extremely favourably impressed by the way you managed H’s funeral  in that little chapel involving the members of her family so pleasantly. I spoke to some of them afterwards and they all  felt the same as I did, that the service was beautifully managed, and brought many of H’s lovely characteristics to life.

 I’m 82 but reckon I have well over another ten years to go and I shall tell my children if they want to organise a funeral for me to try and sign you up. Religion wasn’t hammered too heavily. You created a human ceremony for everyone who went there from the family to old friends (email, June 2019),


'I have never attended a Civil Funeral before and found the whole process very easy to comprehend and ideal for myself and my father neither of whom are religious. Laura Kent was absolutely first class in every way and I have nothing but praise for the way that she dealt with the whole process. Everyone that attended the service said they enjoyed it very much and thought it was a fitting celebration of my father’s life.' (Mr B, Jan 2017, feedback form requested by IoCF, Reeves and Pain)

Everybody who attended the funeral remarked on how lovely the service was. Laura was very professional but delivered a lovely light-hearted account of mum's life. She summed up Mum exactly!' (Mrs R, Nov 2016, feedback on IoCF form, S and R Childs)

We were very impressed with the thoroughness of your family history research and the sensitivity and conciseness in which you delivered the sermon. You expertly steered us though what was a very stressful time, creating exactly the right atmosphere. It is precisely as my father would have wanted. Without exception all who commented on the service did so praising the event. (email, Dec 2018)

' We would like to thank you for your role in Mum's funeral yesterday. Although it was a sad occasion for all of us, we felt that it reflected our feelings and memories of Mum in a way that we can look back on as a fitting tribute to her. This is due in no small part to the way in which you helped us both in preparing and presenting the ceremony.' (Mrs O, Dec 2016, email, Co-op FC)

'J's service was a moving and fitting farewell conducted so beautfully and calmly by you. It meant so much to me and I appreciate the help you gave me'. (card received August 2019)


 ' I would like to thank you for the wonderful service you conducted for B. You made things so easy for us as a family. Everyone has commented that it was a lovely service and how you made it all about B and not religion as he wasn't in the least religious' (Mrs P,  May 2017, Hancocks, Bicester)




'the service was lovely and hit just the right note....bringing in humour and sadness. The 'story' has certainly helped me to see mum's life as a whole and has given me some important and positive insights.' (Mr B, June 2017, S and R Childs)

'...absorbing accounts of the lives and personalities which have obviously been prepared with great care...The way the life stories are interspersed with direct quotes from family and friends is a lovely touch...Your empathy is obvious and the overall work reads like a writer's memoir...Excellent research and a very human insight...Excellent' (Quotations from script assessment done by IoCF)