About Me

How can I help you?

We will meet at a time and place of your choosing so we can talk about the person who has died - their experiences, their interests, their favourite sayings, the memories you treasure... (Allow at least 2 hours for this.) We will also consider if there are favourite readings, poetry and music that you would like included and whether you would like any religious element. I will then create an individual and dignified ceremony that captures the essence of the life that has been lived. 

Within a couple of days I will send you a draft, so that you can check that I have included everything exactly as you would like. If you want friends and family to take part, I will gladly co-ordinate this, and offer my advice and expertise, if you need it.

We will keep in close contact before the ceremony, and I will liaise closely with your funeral director to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day.

At the funeral itself I can take as large or small a role as you choose. You may want me to introduce and link contributors, or I can deliver the entire ceremony, including words written by others. 

After the ceremony I will give you a presentation copy of all the words that were said so you can remember them whenever you want.

My Story

I first became interested in funeral celebrancy when a close relative died in tragic circumstances. I decided that the best way that I could honour this life was to create a ceremony that I felt was fitting. This gave me the chance to recall many events from a much-loved life. My immediate grief began to mix with memories that, in spite of the situation, caused happiness.


Someone else presented my ceremony so that I could take part fully without having to lead. I was surprised at how life-affirming and healing I found the funeral to be: beauty had been found in a tragic situation, and I felt I had had the chance to express publicly my love and sorrow for a unique individual in the way that was right for me. It helped my process of mourning enormously.

After the ceremony a number of people said the funeral had helped them come to terms with past tragedy. They had not realised that a funeral could be personalised in the way that I had done...

My Background and Qualifications
NOCN level 3 Diploma in Funeral Celebrancy (QCF)
This is the highest qualification in funeral celebrancy in UK. I have been rigorously assessed for my skill and suitability as a funeral celebrant. 

I have lived for over 20 years in South Oxfordshire, have brought up my family and participated in many community activities in the area.

I studied English, and have a background in education.